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At Kingsmen Agency, we understand that an emotional connection is essential to developing a relationship between audiences and a brand. For this reason, we provide our clients with creative content that informs, entertains, and provides value to their audiences in to strengthen this connection. This, in turn, builds a relationship based on trust – and ultimately, improves business performance.

We’re a top digital marketing agency in Dubai that provides our clients with bespoke services. This ranges from website development and SMS marketing; to social media management, PR, and organizing networking events


As a marketing management company, we strive to accelerate business growth for our clients using our mastery of digital technologies. This way, we’re able to build a bridge that connects our clients’ current capabilities to their future potential and accompanies them every step of the way.


For us, the future is global. To this end, we have curated an international team of experts who share our values, and consistently strive to strengthen the connection between our clients and their audiences.


The digital era has made big changes in the business field. Companies and organizations today are no longer satisfied with the traditional marketing results. The arising value of digital marketing and social media and the urge to keep up with the digital revolution gave us the necessary motivation to start Kingsmen Agency.

We have proudly gathered an international loyal team that is expanding every day. For me, I think the reason behind our loud success is the different nationalities and the worldwide creativity gathered under one name, Kingsmen Agency.

Through this long journey, we have built a solid trust-based relationship with our clients. We understand that their success reflects ours and that we only grow by pushing them towards their business objectives. The variety of our clients and the number of sectors we have dealt with provides us with unparalleled experience to leverage the digital exposure of any business, anywhere, anytime.

Firass Abbass




Traffic Manager

A results-driven Traffic Manager with more than 11 years of hands-on experience in business development & execution strategies, within a variety of different industries across several markets around the world.

Fun fact: – I’m the kind of Traffic Manager who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month. Favorite quote: “Life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.” Hobbies & Interests: – Darts Pro – Psychology – Snooker & Animal Keeping



Project Manager

With 13 years of experience in digital marketing, I have an excellent rapport with clients from various and international industries. I am a natural leader with a strong track record.

I love traveling and learning about different cultures, so much so that I have lived on 4 continents (9 Cities) over the past 13 years. I once received a warning letter from United Airlines for flying above the recommend yearly allowance (200+ flights that year).



HR Manager

More than 6 years of experience in management, with a double major in International Relations / Political Sciences and International Law. I’m a mentor at Micromentor giving advice to startup businesses.

Addicted to music and meditation, Food lover Reading, all kind of adventures sports & traveling



Vice General Manager

More than 11 years of experience in Account Management and Client Servicing. My experience ranges for all departments of an advertising agency.

I love Music, Movies, Traveling and Sports. Also a part time video gamer on Twitch.



Traffic Manager

Martin louka , KM traffic manager, 5 year Experience , ,i used to be an engineer for 3 years then i figured my passion for Marketing so I learned and now i am in kinsmen to enhance my skills through out international clients

riyas image



Experienced accountant holding a bachelor’s degree and diploma graduation in Finance. Certified by IAB-UK

Accountant by profession, Writer by passion.

Senior Managers


Senior Motion Designer

7 years of experience in digital marketing, design, programming, web, launching advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, analytics. I have been a motion designer for 4 years specialize ingn 2D and 3D animations.

I go to the gym to eat chocolate without remorse. My favorite image is everything pink and fluffy. From 9AM to 6PM, I turn into an angry bird who does her job perfectly!

ahmed hamdy


Head Of Digital Media

A 14-years experienced Digital Marketing Professional with strong technical and business qualifications, a decent track record in strategic planning, coordinating marketing and sales efforts leading diverse teams to new levels of success.

They call me The Godfather! Yes, I love Gardening 🍀 Woodworking,Traveling around the world: 22 Countries in 5 Continents – I learn New Languages like it’s another Tuesday for me🤷🏽♂️

Ahmad Sayegh


Web Master

Experienced web master and software developer with 10+ years experience in web development, 300+ websites. When it comes to web development, my team and I do it all. We build anything from a simple static site, to a complex database-driven web application.

We live in a simulation..! What’s more fun than that?

Mohsen Bassily(1)


Creative Director

More than 20 years of experience in multinational advertising agencies with all advertising services (ATl, BTL, branding, designing social media posts, web designing and handling important multinational clients worldwide.)

Enjoy watching football matches and hearing Fairuz songs.



Art Director

Being a creative graphic designer, I am always looking to develop and improve my skill and talent by reading and thinking. More than 18 years of experience in Design

Graphic Design Can Make you rich fast and… die fast, too!

Victoria Ouarets


Senior Graphic Designer

5 years experience in this domain.

My superpower: finishing a task before it is placed. I’m addicted to caffeine! I’m travel lover turned into professional tourist. A people’s person, yet a drama queen 👸! 👸!

Graphic Designers


Graphic Designer

Designer and Visual Artist, with 7+ Experience in the field. 2 bachelor degrees in Arts. Producing at aesthetics and sustainability to craft delightful brand experiences. I prefer clear logic to decoration.

Gym, Painting, Gaming, Movies, Cat and Food Addict. Picky and always Seeking perfection. I DON’T SHARE FOOD 🚫 and Persuing Knowledge is my Forever Goal.🤓🧐



Graphic Designer

Bio: I started my designing experience even before starting my degree, which helped me gain experience in different fields of the creative world, printing, laser cut, publishing, layouting, social media, packaging and branding.

It’s impossible for you to find a designer that have work/life balance, since I even try to remember the font of the logo of a nightclub I’m spending my night in.



Graphic Designer

Over 5 years experience as a designer.I feel there is no better way to express myself then through art; if not digitally then you’ll either find me drawing or painting.

I’m a crazy animal lover especially dogs (I have the cutest dog, hands down) I love to cook and eat; you will most likely always find me with a burger in my hand 🍔

denis designer


Graphic Designer

Russian boy who creates incredible masterpieces that catch your eye. I’m constantly striving for something new, developing and improving my skills and talent.

My laptop is my soul mate. We hang out together at night creating masterpieces. In my free time we indulge in 3D design in the field of games and advertising



Graphic Designer

7 years of experience in the Graphic design field. I’m messy and have a problem with clients sending their logo in a word doc, as I cry when they change my design

A messy yet funny mom. NOT a people’s person! I barely eat and have zero cooking skills; I’m a CAT & COFFEE ADDICT.



Graphic Designer

Senior-Graphic designer From EGYPT, Cairo now I have 6 years of experience in the field and still growing my passion. I love my work, and I love making art!

Make art Not designs / Video Games, football and Art



Graphic Designer

Design First Prize winner with 8 years Design experience

How inappropriate to call our planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean! ..I’m here to create the right visualization.



Graphic Designer

9 years experienced Ukrainian designer with elegant and premium creation style

Everything becomes tasty with my touch



Graphic Designer

An aspiring graphic designer with a love for life and art!

I love fries!

Video Production
Vladyslav Kiziuk


Director of Photography

5 years of experience in video content creation. Experience in the spheres: fashion, commercial, nightlife, subject shooting, etc. From idea to result, that’s my goal.

The best job is a high paying hobby. © Henry Ford

Mykola Konsurov


Video Editor

Over the past seven years, I have been engaged in video filming and editing, a work that constantly requires new knowledge and creative diversity. You always have to be relevant.

I was very lucky in life, my hobby became my job.



Video Editor

I have 18 years of experience in video design, editing, color grading, motion graphics and audio design.

I love strange and extraordinary people. That’s why I’m in kingsmen!

2D & 3D Animators
vitaliy 1



Motion designer from Kyiv. Developing in 3D and 2.5 animation, using my imagination and knowledge that I got from 2 years in this direction to make a beautiful product.

When I was 12 years old, I fell into a sewer manhole, waited three hours to be rescued, but no one came. I pulled myself out and realized, “Only you can save yourself.”



Motion Designer

I successfully completed the UX/UI design course at «Lemon School» in February 2019. I worked as a graphic designer, studying animation in the field of web design. Now, I work more with animation.

Opportunities don’t come by themselves – you create them




Motion designer from Siberia. But the cold climate won’t stop me from implementing any of your crazy ideas. I know how to make expensive, rich and creative art.

I hate static pictures. Let’s animate!

Content Writers


Content Creator

More than 15 years of experience in teaching, writing and translating English and Italian, a great communicator and an advocate of team work and positivity

A passionate reader and a serious “binge watcher”



English Content Creator

24/7 Collecting information and living experiences then expressing my take on it through words that come together into pieces of content.

I consider TV characters real and most of them are my best friends!


Content Writer

A proactive personality with more than 3 years of Italian teaching & interpreting experience, in addition to 6 years in customer service.

Addicted to sports and pasta!



Translator & Arabic Content Creator

Translator and Content Writer. The bags under my eyes show more than 10-years of experience in Academic Setup.I always believe that it is never a failure, but a new lesson!

I love adrenaline-packed adventure like paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping… I’m a race and classic cars lover. Traveling is my passion and nothing is behind me, everything is ahead of me!



English Content Creator

A criminal lawyer by profession but aesthetics is my passion. I love creating, working with colors, words and ideas to produce beautiful art. Working alone is one of my strengths.

Can’t live without music, gym or chocolate. Latin and ballroom dancer. Nickname is Tiger.



Content Creator

8 years experience in the field

OCD and overthinker, if you don’t give me an answer, I will come up with one, shortsleeper, I love gym but no time to exercise, always in the mood for a long drive with no destination, in love with dogs especially my Cappuccino 🐩


English Content Writer

A recent Marketing graduate with passion to writing. I’m very attentive to details and for me, writing is the best way to express myself and my thoughts.

Outgoing, motivated person, always in for new adventures. Traveling, watching series/movies are my things. If you don’t find me doing one of these, I’d probably be sleeping!

Media & SEO


Media Manager

Google Certified Digital Marketer & Media Buyer with 8 years of total experience in Direct & Digital Marketing, delivering more than expected campaigns KPIs

A coffee addict, I enjoy watching animations, “The Boss Baby” represents me, literally. Singing regulates my mood. I prefer solitude and appreciate sleeping.

mostafa khames



I have over 6 years of experience in the digital marketing industry with proven experience and a successful track record in SEO and Search Engine Marketing.

Getting first rank in google results is my passion and hobby.

Reem - Media Manager


Media Manager

Experienced in media buying practices & digital marketing techniques for more than 4 years

Taekwondo player & love dogs

Web Developers


Web Developer

Technology and computers have always attracted me to this cyber world we’re living in which led me to get my BA in IT. I am a fast learner and very friendly.

I like to play video games, and it’s true: I lose many matches. I don’t like being lonely. I am a shawarma lover! I mean, who doesn’t like this masterpiece??



Web Developer

A recent computer engineering graduate with 2 years of experience in designing, building and fixing bugs on websites

I love music, hanging out with my friends, binge watching Netflix serial killer documentaries, dogs and sometimes painting.



Web Developer

5 years experience in Web Development & Design.

I enjoy sleeping & traveling & run on highways & gym , but don’t have enough time to do all that😞



Web Quality Assurance

10+ years in software testing field.

“All is to happen, has happened before”




12 years Experience in marketing management and business setup. Creating success stories, building brands from zero to hero! Never sleep, maximum 5 hours ago, very picky and OCD, Zero notifications on the phone, always available for my work. Taking kingsmen agency to the moon.

My favorite meal is my morning oat meal, daily gym routine, office, work, I have two personalities: one extreme corporate and one extreme fun.